• The audience will see their favorite Movie, TV, Sport Star or Music mogul in their home cooking for their friends.
  • This series is being produced to support Veteran initiatives and the charity of choice of our celebrity guests

The show:

Each episode we will showcase a celebrity or a person of great fame cooking their favorite meal in their home for their invited guests. They will be accompanied by their favorite chef and a Veteran guest of honor. After the meal is cooked they will enjoy it with all their invited guests, this is a fun show designed to educate and entertain the audience while supporting a wonderful cause. The celebrity guest and others can discuss any subject they like as this is an unscripted show. B roll will be used to educate the audience on the guest, chef and the Veteran guest of honor.

We will broadcast on TV to an international audience via streaming devices. The audience will be able to purchase sponsor product via our online technology and on our website. Simultaneously we will shoot the segment in Virtual Reality.

Sponsor Opportunity:

1. On Camera placement

  • Your product will be highlighted during the show, it will be called out by name and spoken about.
  • The audience will be encouraged to buy it from our website both verbally and in text during the show. This is unheard of on network TV.
  • Cooking Styles of The Rich and Famous is a new format where everyone wins, you the sponsor, the charities we support and the audience.
  • They are entertained by watching their favorite movie, TV, Sports and Music stars cook their favorite meal in their home.

2. Ads and banners on the site

  • You can purchase ads and banners to increase your exposure.
  • People from around the world will visit the site to see reruns of the shows, bloopers, videos of their favorite stars showing how to cook their favorite recipes and much more.
  • You will have 24/7/365 exposure on the site.
  • We will supply all the analytics so you know you are getting the best exposure that money can buy.

3. Promotional campaigns

  • We can design and create contests for your company.
  • Help you with give away programs.
  • Make coupon delivery available to the audience.
  • Deploy surveys.
  • Broadcast pay per views.

4. Sell your product on our site

  • We can sell your product better as it is celebrity endorsed.
  • We can sell your product better as it is supporting a great cause.
  • If you can drop ship we will take order, collect the payment and S&H fees and send you the order with payment.
  • Or we can do a click through and you process the order.


SOS is working with seasoned production personnel and we feel that with the caliber of guests which have already committed we will have a very successful program. The second and further seasons we believe the stars will be lining up to be on the show to have fun and support a great cause.

International TV distribution deals will also be negotiated.

Investment opportunities are available and donations are welcome.

For more information call 888-658-8884 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.



 L. Monte Cook III

 Creator of the show and founder of SOS

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